Compagnie Chorégraphique - Marie Desoubeaux

écritures, dramaturgies et composition du corps dansé

The Instrument | embodying musicality

Exploring the themes of sound and rhythm through multiple modes of listening; physically, cognitively, emotionally, this workshop handles the embodiment of music in dance, composition and performance.

While taking time to acknowledge elements such as inherent rhythmicality, the dynamics inside sound and speed, linear duration and singular punctuation; the work aims to create a vibrant sense of musicality within our choreographic materials.

Throughout the week we will be integrating touch, articulation, flow, momentum and pace; following the passions they evoke, while interpreting tempo / velocity. Accompanied by the live playing of Roy Carroll (electroacoustic-media), participants will encounter the  complementary, urgent and immediate interplay between sound / music and dance.

The workshop is aimed for movers, dancers, musicians and performers who wish to engage with the physical dynamic of instant composition. Movement /dance background experience is required. 

From Monday March 4th 
to Friday March 8th 2019
Duration : 5 days (30 hours)
From 10am to 4pm
Studio May-B, Micadanses
15 rue Geoffroy l’Asnier 75004 PARIS

Cost : 240€
Early Birds : 220€ (for any registration happening before February 4th 2019)
130€ deposit will be asked to confirm your registration.

Students : Professionnal dancers with a signicative experience in the field of instant composition, actors and musicians with a previous and significative experience of movement or without any apprehension of using the body langage as a main media of expression.

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Maya Matilda Carroll is an independent choreographer, performer, mentor and teacher, based in Berlin since 2004. In the past fourteen years Maya has created over 30 works from solo to extended group pieces. She has collaborated with artists and performers from diverse backgrounds; dancers, visual artists, poets, musicians, actors, opera singers, stage and light designers. Maya has been making dance independently as well as being commissioned to create pieces for state theaters, independent companies and dance academies. Her work is anchored in the meeting point between the tangible and imagined; reality and myth, drawn from and towards the limitless expression of the dancing body. Read more 

Roy Carroll is an Irish musician and composer, based in Berlin. He works primarily with electroacoustic media; - transducers, synthesis, feedback, audio recordings, amplification, software, - auditory and psycho-acoustic phenomena even; to create multi-layered forms that continually renegotiate the transformation of electrical audio signals into disturbed air.

Roy is one half of The Instrument with choreographer Maya M Carroll, with whom he has created over 30 works for the stage. Roy has been commissioned by groups such as Icebreaker, Dublin Guitar Quartet, Vox21 and The Whispering Gallery. He has toured / presented work throughout Europe, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, New Zealand.